You’ve Got to See These Stylish Kitchen Cupboards Designs

You’ve Got to See These Stylish Kitchen Cupboards Designs


While interior designing or remodeling, there are a wide variety of materials that you have to choose from. From the patterns and colors of these materials to their sizes, you need to make a lot of decisions. You also need to ensure the quality and compatibility of these materials and that they suit the ambiance altogether.

One of the most exciting and challenging parts of interior designing is the kitchen, especially if you are a fan of cooking and like spending a good amount of your time in your kitchen. You want to make sure that your kitchen makes you feel at ease and that you are comfortable with the design and aesthetics.

At CenturyPly, you have the  best plywood for wardrobes , cabinets, tables, wall panels, and ceilings. Let’s discuss how plywood makes your cupboard designs special. Also, you will know why CenturyPly is the best pick for your cupboards and how they affect your interior.

Why use CenturyPlywood

It has ViroKill technology that kills any and every microorganism as soon as it comes in contact with the material. It can kill microbes ranging from bacteria to viruses and ensure your hygiene and safety.

The firewall technology can give you a great sense of protection and also ensure that fire and high heat don’t do you any harm. The heat-resistant technology in these plywoods is a great plus point and one of the reasons for their popularity.

They are resistant to termites and borers. Termite growth is quite common in wooden materials. These small insects can eat up your plywood or any other wooden furniture from inside and decrease their lifetime. However, the termite and borer-resistant plywoods of CenturyPly have a long lifetime and can last forever.

This plywood also prevents the growth of mold within the plywood or any other microbe since they are water resistant. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

These plywood are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

How does CenturyPly plywood enhance cupboard designs?

Plywood or engineered wood gives a wood-like finish to your kitchen cupboards. It is considered a preferred choice due to its strength and durability. Fire, heat, and steam are common elements in the kitchen, and plywood is resistant to all these. There are many types of plywood available in the market that are resistant to boiling water, scuff, bacteria, and fire.

Though these types of plywood are slightly more expensive than regular plywood, they are a better option. They have the ViroKill and Firewall technology that makes them hygienic and safe. You can also use laminates on this plywood. Laminates offer the best finish, are easy to maintain, and have a smooth surface. They are durable and water and stain-resistant too.

CenturyPlyoffers a range of plywood to choose from that are available in different thicknesses and have their own merit. Where Architect Ply is a luxury and premium product that comes with BWR, Virokill, and Firewall technology, Club Prime is the only plywood to pass the 25 stringent tests as per the standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Both the above plywood is strong, durable, gapless, and available in 7 different thicknesses. Moreover, where the latter has a warranty of 25 years, the former has a lifetime warranty and comes with a 4 times money-back promise.

Apart from these two premium grade plywood, there is the Bond 710 plywood which is premium marine grade plywood with a warranty of 15 years, and of course, the economical and strong Sainik 710 plywood, the only plywood whose price is the same all across India. There are other plywood options available at CenturyPly too. You can either visit the site to review the products or give CenturyPly a call to make your inquiry.


Modular kitchens have been taking over homes at a rapid speed. The biggest reason for this is their functionality and utility. With CenturyPly, you can create beautiful and practical kitchen cupboards. At CenturyPly, you can browse the various available options and create the best designs for your kitchen since they offer the  best plywood for furniture.