Sell your Seattle home fast this winter with these hygge staging tips

Sell your Seattle home fast this winter with these hygge staging tips


In the winter buyers want their homes to be warm, inviting, and cozy. But with cold weather spreading over the Seattle, Washington area it can be difficult to create a warm cozy space.  Enter the hygge method of staging. The term hygge comes from Denmark and refers to peace, serenity, and warmth. Hygee staging is the perfect technique to use during the winter if you want to sell your Seattle home fast and for a great price.   

Indoor Staging

Make a solid first impression

When home buyers walk through your front door the first thing they are going to see is your entryway.  Make the initial view of the interior of your home a lasting one by enhancing your front entryway.  Spruce up your front door with a fresh coat of paint and new door hardware.  Next, add a doormat. Finally, declutter your entryway closet and remove extra trinkets from your entryway table or bench.

 Show off comfort

Your living room is made to be the room where you and your family can relax after a long week of work.  Show off just how inviting and comfortable your living room is by highlighting the seating area.  Remove excess furniture like ottomans, poufs, or small end tables.  Stick with a comfortable sofa, accent chairs, and coffee table that are positioned toward the focal point of the room.  Get rid of excess knick-knacks on shelves and extra wall decor.

 Keep the kitchen simple

Remove unnecessary clutter from your counter space and your table.  Next, arrange and organize food items and cookware in your cabinets and pantry in a manner that shows off ample storage space.  Finally, place a small arrangement of flowers on the kitchen island and the center of your table.

 Make the master bedroom memorable

The master bedroom needs to appear spacious and inviting for home buyers.  In order to do this you need to first remove excess clothes from the closet.  Organize remaining items in a way that shows off the storage space rather than clutter it.  Next, remove extra knick-knacks and overly personal items from the nightstands and dressers.  The same is true for wall decor which should be limited so that wall space is clearly visible.

Outdoor staging

Amp up curb appeal

The first thing a buyer notices when they drive past your home is your curb appeal.  Is your lawn clearly taken care of?  Is the front porch nicely painted and inviting?  Are the flowerbeds well cared for?  All of these items matter to home buyers and will truly reflect the price that buyers are willing to pay for your home.  Update your curb appeal by trimming back trees and bushes, removing debris from the exterior of the home, and staging your front porch.  Add topiaries around your front door for added greenery and invest in an outdoor rocking chair or Adirondack chair to place on the front porch.

Beautify your backyard

If you upgraded your backyard as many homeowners have done for the past several years, you may have an outdoor seating area and/or fireplace that can be staged for added interest.  Show off the seating area, especially if it is under a covered patio, by sprucing up the cushions and adding a few throw pillows.  You can add a warm blanket to the back of an outdoor chair for an inviting look.  If your seating area is around the fireplace, play up the mantle with a bit of outdoor decor.  You can add pathway lights around the seating area for added illumination in the evening.

Staging your home is just one of the many steps in the selling process.  Next, your real estate will probably have your home professionally photographed or begin home showings.  On the day that your home is being photographed or the day of a walk through make sure to open up all of your blinds and curtains.  A nice stream of sunlight through an open window can really add warmth to your room.  Light a scented candle in the kitchen or use a diffuser of vanilla or lavender for a calming scent.  Use the hygge staging techniques listed above to sell your Seattle home fast and for a great price.

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