The house building guide.?

The house building guide.?


Building a detached house is the dream of many people. If you have already bought your land but you have no idea of ​​the rules to follow and the steps to follow, read this article.

What are the steps to follow before building a new house?

Before being able to bask in a deckchair by the pool and enjoy the good weather, you should know that the construction project of a detached house requires going through several stages and respecting certain administrative procedures. Indeed, before starting the construction of a house ( structural work , finishing work, finishes, interior fittings and exterior fittings), you must first know your budget and ensure the financing of the project, draw the plans, buy a building land, find a general building companyand carry out all the necessary administrative procedures such as applying for the building permit. This document is essential for the construction of a building whatever its type: individual houses or industrial buildings.

Once the financing has been obtained and the land has been purchased, you must contact a general masonry company to do all the construction work: structural work, finishing work, fittings and finishes.

A general masonry company for all construction and development work:

For the new construction of a house, it is preferable to work with a construction company that takes care of your project from A to Z. A company that does masonry work, especially heavy masonry. The masons will start by doing the earthworks and foundations, the sanitation , the foundation of the walls of the house. They will pour the reinforced concrete slab, build the load-bearing walls and seal the water. Carpenters will take care of the design, construction and installation of the framework and the roof. All of this work is structural work.

In general, when the frames and frameworks of individual housesare carried out and all the general masonry work is done, comes the second work and finishing stage. During this stage, several trades intervene to make the construction habitable. Experienced and Qualibat RGE certified craftsmen, endowed with the ten-year guarantee, will work together under the direction of a site manager and a team leader to carry out quality work and according to the rules of the art. A work that meets the standards in force to ensure the safety of future residents and the sustainability of the construction. Industrial buildings, villas, houses with a wooden frame or concrete blocks, for all these types of construction, call on a general contractor; it will make your job easier by involving qualified craftsmen. For theplastering work , thermal insulation and sealing, laying of tiles and earthenware, laying of coatings, partitions, laying of floor and wall coverings, carpentry, zinc work, roofing, electricity, heating, all trades will work in parallel or one after the other. Indeed, roofers, tilers plasterers, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and many other workers will do the finishing work, the finishes as well as the interior and exterior fittings such as the installation of a swimming pool, a veranda or terrace, interior and exterior lighting. And to further embellish the house, landscape gardeners will bring their touch to create a garden in the image of your desires.

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