Can we do good business with furniture lifts in Paris.?

Can we do good business with furniture lifts in Paris.?


To move from a place of residence or professional to several levels of floors, it is a great frequency to rent a furniture lift in order to access the building more easily. This is one of the essential materials for the smooth running of a move to Paris. It is also a job that fascinates more than one. You wonder if you could do good business with this mover activity. Discover here all the good information on this business with furniture lifts in Paris.

What does it take to start this furniture assembly business in Paris?

To start this activity that you are so passionate about, you must carry out various procedures and formalities, such as declaring your activity as a furnished rental company in order to obtain a SIRET number. This identification will be requested by the tax office when filing your return. You need materials and labor to start a moving company. Local alone will not suffice; you will a priori need equipment and personnel to set up or take over a moving company. With regard to equipment needs, the heaviest investment will probably be the acquisition of a fleet of vehicles. This will depend on the mode of financing chosen.

You must also provide office furniture and computer equipment for the administrative and commercial management of your business; any fitting-out work in the premises, especially if you plan to offer related services, such as furniture storage. Plan for marketing investments, uniforms and equipment for staff.

To make sure you are up to standard, it is recommended that you get quotes from different suppliers and compare prices before committing. Regarding the training of movers, be aware that the certifications to be held depend on the vehicles to be driven. For heavy transport, a manager must obtain a certificate of professional competence. For a vehicle of less than 3.5 tons, you will need a professional “transport” baccalaureate. On the other hand, becoming a mover’s helper does not require any professional certification. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right people.

To do good business with furniture lifts, you will also need staff for the commercial part and administrative management such as reception or telephone switchboard, accounting, payroll, time management, etc. If necessary, do not hesitate to surround yourself with an accountant to reduce your workload. The difficulty for a moving company is that the demand is by definition very punctual and the opportunities for successive purchases are limited. In order to maximize the return on investment of your budget, you should therefore carefully target your actions.

Do good business with furniture lifts in Paris

To succeed in a business, everything is a question of will and determination. You aspire to do good business with furniture lifts in Paris, you have above the criteria and how to get there; all you have to do is go for it and stay determined. You can indeed do good business with furniture lifts in Paris. Click here .