A Guide on How to Furnish a Coffee Shop

A Guide on How to Furnish a Coffee Shop


There are plenty of factors to consider when establishing a coffee store, including suppliers, products, location, and employees. However, one of the more enjoyable aspects of this journey is browsing for coffee shop furniture.

If you keep these suggestions and tips in mind, you can furnish your cafe with the ideal items for your theme and atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Chairs

Because you want your customers to sit and remain for a while, seating is likely your coffee establishment’s most important piece of furniture.

You’re aware that the longer people remain, the more money they spend, so you’ll want to carefully consider chairs and other seating arrangements that fit your space and meet your customers’ requirements.

For example, if you are serving food, choose dining chairs with higher backs to ensure that people can consume comfortably. In contrast, lounges and armchairs arranged around a coffee table are ideal for customers who wish to read or converse while sipping their beverages.

If your establishment is located in a popular area, you might also consider placing retro stools near window tables for customers who wish to people-watch. Most of your seating will likely consist of tables and chairs, but avoid crowding the area.

Depending on whether your coffee establishment is located indoors, outdoors, or both, you may choose metal, plastic, or wooden seating.

It is preferable to have fewer seating options than a crowded coffee establishment, as customers dislike feeling claustrophobic while attempting to appreciate their coffee. They desire some space to stretch out.

Bar Tables and Cafe Chairs

Cafe and bar booths are essential components of any coffeehouse. Wooden tables are adaptable and complement a variety of aesthetics, whether you’re looking for a rustic cabin aesthetic or an industrial one. Tabletops for modern cafés may be made of glass or artificial marble.

Cafes with an industrial aesthetic may also utilise metal tables with various finishes.

Check the longevity of dining tables to avoid replacing them within a year or two. If there is space for it, you may also want to include a single long table in a section of your café that can accommodate many customers at once.

This encourages customers to enjoy a cup of coffee with their companions and to stay for a while. Some cafés even make their long table the focal point of the room and position smaller tables on the room’s perimeter for smaller groups and individuals.

Cafe Furniture Accessories

Accessories depend on the theme, design, and budget of your store.

You probably wouldn’t place a bookcase filled with books in a coffee establishment with an industrial aesthetic. If you’re aiming for an industrial atmosphere, you’ll likely want minimal wall art and pendant lighting instead of fully-shaded lamps.

A cosy café may feature paintings by local artists, lamps with shades, flower arrangements, and even a bookcase filled with books. Numerous cafés attempt to replicate the atmosphere of a bookstore, so periodicals, newspapers, and other reading materials strewn across coffee tables can be quite inviting.

Be wary of overstuffing your space with knickknacks and other non-functional items. This can make your space appear congested and make your customers feel claustrophobic.