The Most Common Ticks In Texas

The Most Common Ticks In Texas


Ticks are small and seem like harmless small insects that cause harmless bites. However, not all of them are safe to have around. Some tick bites can give you diseases, such as Lyme disease. Ticks survive solely by sucking the blood of humans and animals. They have an oval-shaped body with eight legs and no wings. Thus, they cannot fly. 

There are no specific seasons for ticks. They can be found in winter, summer, monsoon, fall, etc. There has been no fool-proof vaccination or cure for the diseases caused by ticks. That is why it is important to protect your family from these tiny parasites. Get Pest Control in Keller today. 

Most common ticks in Texas

Ticks pose harm in ways you never see it coming. Understanding the common types will help in learning what to do and how to prevent them from imposing harm on you or the people you love. Here are some common types of ticks you will notice in Texas. 

American dog tick. 

American dog ticks are among the most common ones found in the US and are primarily responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The female bodies have a tan scuta and are brown, while the males are all-over tan and brown. They are easily identifiable and larger than the other species. They are also referred to as wood ticks, even though they live in grasslands more. 

Lone Star ticks. 

Lone Star ticks are found all over the southern and eastern United States. The female ticks are 3-4mm in length with a brown body and white or yellow marks on their backs. The male ones are smaller in size, with a white line circumferencing their body. Lone Star ticks are among the most aggressive ticks. They are always looking for hosts to get nutrients to lay their eggs. They are associated with a disease called STARI, which can lead to a lifelong allergy to red meat. 

Backlegged ticks. 

Backlegged ticks are also known as deer ticks and are dark brown in color with ever darker legs. When unfed, adult ticks are about the size of a sesame seed, and younger ones are about the size of a pinhead. Owing to their name, these ticks love to feed on deers but can be found on other animals and humans as well. 

Winter tick. 

Winter ticks can live just about anywhere, but you won’t find them very easily. This is because they spend their entire lives on a single host. They are mostly found on their favorites– deer, moose, and elk, but can be found on beers, cattle, and other livestock. Thankfully, winter ticks do not come looking for humans.  

Brown dog ticks. 

An unfed brown dog tick can be as small as 3mm but can expand up to 12mm in size. With a dark body and brown legs, these ticks target your canine friends (as is obvious by the name). They rarely feed on humans. However, they do carry dangerous diseases. 

If you are facing tick infestation, it is important to consider speaking to a professional. You should call a professional pest control service and get help from them as soon as possible. 

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