6 Features of the Best Wallpaper for Kid’s Room

6 Features of the Best Wallpaper for Kid’s Room


Kids’ room wallpapers provide charm and comfor to a kid’s room, and enhance wall hygiene. However, not all wallpapers have the best features to spark a kid’s room. Therefore you must know the essential features to look for when shopping.

Here are tips to guide you

1. Stain and abrasion resistance

Stain and abrasion resistance are essential when selecting wall murals for kid’s room.Kids can be very active and sometimes even destructive, so choosing murals that withstand wear and tear is necessary. Kids can accidentally spill liquids or food on the walls, and stains can be difficult to remove.

If the mural has good stain resistance, it will be easier to clean and maintain its appearance over time. Additionally, If the mural has good abrasion resistance, it will be less likely to show signs of wear and tear over time.

2. Colorfast and moisture resistant

Colorfastness is an important quality that suitable quality children’s wallpaper should possess. Colorfastness refers to the ability of a material to withstand fades or discoloration if exposed to certain conditions, such as light or water.

When purchasing childrens murals, you must look for products labeled as colorfast and water-resistant. These products may be more expensive than low-quality options, but they will last longer and provide better value in the long run.

3. Strippable

 A dry-strippable wallpaper is designed to be easily removed from the wall without causing damage to the surface or leaving a significant amount of adhesive residue. This type of wallpaper is ideal if you are a renter or have a world map mural. However, determine your needs as some strippable wallpapers need water to remove, thus necessitating more effort.

4. Versatile color choices

The type of hues you choose for your children is mainly based on preferences. People have different color tastes, and what you love might not impress another person. The best kids’ wallpapers are versatile and allow you to get hues your siblings love.

For instance, most children love forest wallpaper with colorful jungle animals, while others will appreciate plain green wallpaper. Therefore determine your kid’s taste and get them what is necessary.

5. Easy to peel

Peelable wallpapers are ones that you can easily remove from the wall without causing damage to the underlying surface. This feature allows for easy redecoration and reuse of the substrate layer as a base for new wallpaper. Peelable wallpaper may be a good option if your kid enjoys the look of wallpaper and you want to change them frequently.

6. Long-lasting

Although wallpapers cannot last a lifetime, you must get coverings that can serve you for a reasonable period. The best kid’s wallpapers should resist scratches, moisture, and stains. Additionally, a suitable wallpaper is made of solid material that will endure quite a long after purchase. Therefore as you get your kid’s coverings consider the material.

Bottom line

Although kid’s wallpapers improve the kid’s room appeal, not all coverings are worth your investment. This way, you must get wallpaper with the appropriate features to serve you adequately. Some of the critical features to consider are discussed above.